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Dear Client,

German Kitchen Center is the only national kitchen showroom chain in the US.

We are very proud to have partnered with the leading kitchen and closet manufacturers in all product categories. Although we specialize in German made products, we do offer many products at various categories including Italian and domestic kitchens. This allows us to seamlessly fit products to each project matching the correct style and price point. Below is a list of our partner manufacturers in each product category:

German Kitchen Center partnered with the kitchen industry market leader in each product category in order to provide a complete solution for our clients so that no matter what the case is we can provide the product you need.

Of course this is a great advantage, but the main reason our clients love to work with us is because we combine the comfort of working with an established national chain with the personal service of working with an individual designer. Your designer will be your single point of contact throughout the project and will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

Taking a project from the initial design through completion is always challenging, but our dedication to our clients and our philosophy that each of our client is a friend for life is an unmatched guarantee that no matter what happens we will always be there for you and will never stop servicing you before, during and after the completion. We are constantly innovating and seeking new ways to improve and are able to offer systems which do not exist in single showroom operations such as our technical design, production, logistics departments and our software. This will never prevent all problems, but these systems definitely reduce the risk and minimize mistakes which always occur during a kitchen project.

We are 100% confident that if you get to know us you will realize that there is absolutely no reason not to purchase your kitchen from us.

Modestly, but proudly I also believe that my hands on approach and making myself as the founder and CEO completely available to every client nationwide is the key to our success and what makes our company completely different. I am always happy to hear from every client which is why I make my email [email protected] and my cell phone 347 9920410 available to you.

Finally, I would like to add a word about our philosophy. We believe that we are very fortunate that in today’s world where people are not communicating directly like we used to and where everything is becoming more and more automated, it is a great privilege for us to be able to work with you on your kitchen project. If we manage to create a great kitchen for you it will result in perhaps the most significant improvement to your way of life. Kitchens today are the heart of the home so a better functioning kitchen means that you will live a better life by cooking better, eating better and enjoying the space more whenever you gather with your household members or when you entertain.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming kitchen or closet project.

Mayan Metzler

For more information about our German Kitchens, visit our German Kitchens Showroom, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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